Friday, July 29, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: Pin Safety

Today I'm talking to you about pin safety.

Don't put pins in your mouth.

I know, it's second nature to so many sewists, but it's just not a good idea!

A couple reasons: first up, it's just not sanitary. We've lived through more than two years of a pandemic and I think we're all getting better about not spreading our germs around willy-nilly, or putting stuff in our mouths that has probably (definitely) been on the floor.

Second, and much more seriously: you could inhale it. Stories abound of folks who've inhaled or ingested pins and caused serious damage to themselves!

(Seriously, click the link and read the article. How good is your health insurance?)

So what to do?

Keep lots of pin receptacles around! You have plenty of options from cushions to dishes and magnet trays.

We have a cute new ring pincushion that's perfect to keep nearby as a pin-in-mouth deterrent! Get it here!

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