Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Treadlette Tuesday: Marina's quilt

It's Treadlette Tuesday! Marina shares her latest quilt, an abstract geometric piece that she made and quilted herself!

This abstract design is fun and fresh, and the geometric straight-line quilting really sets it off!

Friday, March 25, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: Interfacing, Part 1

It's our Friday Fun Fact! Every week we'll share interesting bits of sewing knowledge, tutorials, fabric care info, sewing history, and more!

Interfacing, Part 1

Sewists are often challenged by choosing interfacing, but it doesn't have to be hard - we'll walk you through!

First of all - what is interfacing?

Any fabric that you use to invisibly support your main fabric could be considered an interfacing. Most often we use a specially designed product that can be sewn in or fused in place with an iron.

Next - do you need it? 

Always use interfacing under buttons & buttonholes, to support and stabilize the fabric.

Interfacing is usually required in collars, to keep them crisp, and waistbands, to prevent stretching.

It's optional but can be helpful at zipper and pocket openings.

For facings at the neck, waist, or armhole, it depends on your fabric! A delicate fabric might need more stabilization than a sturdy one.

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