Friday, April 29, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: Clean your sewing machine!

Do you clean your machine regularly?

I know, it seems like a chore, when we all really want to get to the fun part - the sewing! But a clean machine sews better. 

Do a quick clean of the bobbin area frequently - at least every project. When you change your bobbin, simply brush out the lint. It's a few seconds that can really make a difference!

Clean more deeply every few projects. Remove the throat plate if possible (you'll probably need a small screwdriver!) and clean the feed dogs with a brush.

If you have a drop-in bobbin (below) you may not be able to take everything apart. Check your manual.

If you have a vertical bobbin (below) simply push the black plastic arms to the sides to easily remove the bobbin assembly. You'll be amazed at how much lint you can remove from behind there!

For any machine, use soft brushes and lint-free fabric scraps to clean. Avoid blowing into the machine; your breath has too much moisture and canned air can push lint deeper in.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Treadlette Tuesday: Our Treadlette Sewing Retrospective is ending!

It's the final week! Stop in to see more of the greatest hits of our closets!

This retrospective was Roberta's idea to celebrate her retirement. Remember to stop by Saturday, May 7 for her all-day soiree!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: Earth Day

 It's Earth Day!

There are so many ways to discuss the impact of textiles on the environment.

Fast fashion is a huge problem globally, and microplastics from synthetics are contaminating our water supplies.

What can we do?

Sewing your own clothing is one way to opt out of the fast fashion cycle. Did you know many garments are only worn seven times before being discarded? By putting time and care into a well-made garment, then using it for years, we can maximize the lifespan of our textile resources.

Choosing natural fibers also helps! But if you opt for a synthetic, choose wisely. The majority of synthetic fabrics Treadle carries are designer deadstock - remnants that would otherwise have ended up in landfills. Giving them a new life is a great form of re-use!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Treadlette Tuesday: More from our Retrospective!

We're hosting the Treadlette Garment Retrospective!

Stop in during the entire month of April to see our greatest hits of sewing! See part one here! 

Here are a few more of our favorite garments on display! Stop by the store to learn all the history and details of each of these beloved garments.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: Worth Gowns

Charles Frederick Worth is generally credited as the father of haute couture and the first fashion designer to become a household name.

Starting in 1858, Worth created bold new designs from his Paris salon. He displayed garments on live models and pioneered the fashion salon experience.

Empress Eugénie was an avid patron, which only contributed to Worth's popularity. Famous actresses of the time also wore his stunning designs.

Pictured above and below are two of his most famous designs, the "Ironwork" dress, and the "Cloudburst" dress.

Charles died in 1895, but the House of Worth continued to produce couture gowns well into the 20th century.

Interested in more eye candy?

Google image search for House of Worth gowns is a delightful rabbit hole to fall into! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Treadlette Tuesday: Garment Retrospective!

We're hosting the Treadlette Garment Retrospective!

Stop in during the entire month of April to see our greatest hits of sewing!

Each garment we've brought in is something over 10 years old (in some cases FAR over!) that we just love for one reason or another.

Check out the cards attached to each one for some interesting stories!

This retrospective was Roberta's idea to commemorate her retirement. So make sure you say hi if you see her in the store - she'd love to chat with you!

We have so many garments, we'll be rotating them, so be sure to stop in more than once!

Friday, April 8, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: Interfacing Part 3

It's time for Interfacing, Part 3! The final part!

Did you miss the last two? Check them out at the links here:

Interfacing part one

Interfacing part two

We've shared our tips on choosing your interfacing, now here are a few of our favorites! Please note, we try our best to keep everything we love in stock at all times, but in reality we just can't. Sometimes our faves will be temporarily out of stock.

French Fuse is a go-to choice for many types of sewing. Knits and wovens, light to medium weights, this is perfect! It even fuses well on silk! Usually comes in black and white.

Whisper Weft (pictured below) and Armo Weft are both good for medium to heavy fabrics. A good fuse and great longevity wash after wash! These are our go-to choice for wool.

Hair Canvas (below) often under the names Hymo or Acro, is a tailoring staple. Use it in the collars, lapels, and hems of fine tailored jackets and coats.

Imperial Broadcloth (below) plus its friends Imperial Batiste and Imperial Voile; cotton/poly blends that are ideal sew-in interfacings for shirtings and more. The voile is the most crisp, followed by the broadcloth, and the batiste is the softest.

Finally, Decor-Bond is our choice for chair covers, soft bags, and crafts. Use this to stabilize a cotton broadcloth and make it a little heftier!

Shop interfacing here!

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Treadlette Tuesday: Rebecca's new linen dress!

It's Treadlette Tuesday, when we share projects, inspiration, and ideas for you from our lovely Treadle Yard Goods employees, The Treadlettes!

Today we're sharing Rebecca's new linen dress, from Vogue 1859.

It has a great silhouette and lots of cute details. Every major seam is pressed to one side and edgestitched for crispness and definition. The center front placket runs the entire length, and the cute cap sleeves give just enough coverage.

This might be the last new make we share for awhile, because the rest of the month of April is devoted to our Treadlette Sewing Retrospective!

We are filling up the store with some of our greatest hits of sewing! Stop by to see all our favorite makes.

Make sure to stop by more than once - we have so many wonderful memories that we're rotating them through the month!

Friday, April 1, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: Interfacing Part 2!

It's time for Interfacing Part 2! 

Did you miss Interfacing Part 1 last week? See it here!

Now that we know what interfacing is and when to use it, how to choose the right one? 

First, do you want sew-in or fusible? 

Fusible interfacings stick to your fabric with a hot iron. They're easy and convenient to use, but over time the adhesive may fail, and some fabrics may not be able to withstand the high iron temperatures needed for a good fuse.

Sew-in or non-fusible interfacing has no adhesive; you simply baste it into place. Catch it in the seam allowance as you sew to fix permanently in place. It's a little more tedious, but can be more permanent, though sometimes the layers can shift.

Next, choose woven or non-woven. Woven interfacings (including knit and weft types) are always best for garments.

Use non-woven interfacings for home decor, bags, and crafts. Non-wovens are often too heavy and crisp for garments, and can't withstand repeated washing and wear.

Finally, use your fabric's weight as your guide. Your interfacing should always be lighter than your fabric! And a fusible will always get crisper after fusing.

Click here to shop interfacing!

Do you have more interfacing questions? Ask us! We are always happy to help match the perfect interfacing to your fabric.