Friday, June 3, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: Tension

This is a topic we get asked about all the time: Sewing Machine Tension Troubleshooting!

Do your stitches look uneven? Do you notice lumps of thread poking through between stitches?

First off, bad stitch tension is NOT usually the fault of the setting on the tension dial.

Follow these steps in order to perfect your machine's stitch tension.

1.) Re-thread the top thread. Many machines have a delicate tension assembly. If the thread isn't just right, it won't stitch well.

2.) Re-thread the bobbin. Make sure the bobbin is turning the correct way. For horizontal drop-in bobbins, make sure you can see the thread across the top left side of the bobbin.

3.) Change your needle. It may be old, bent, dull, or simply the wrong size.

4.) Try a new thread. Avoid thread that's cheap, old, or low-quality. Use cotton thread for silk and poly for knits.

5.) Clean your machine.
 Lint build-up, especially around the feed dogs, can affect stitch tension.

6.) Adjust the tension dial. After you've tried everything else, it's time to adjust the tension dial! Go gently; the springs can wear out with overuse. Adjust a half-number at a time.  

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