Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday Fun Fact - 1930s Shorts

Summer is here, so let's talk about shorts!

Ladies, it hasn't been very long since shorts came into fashion for us. The 1930s saw women's shorts fashionable in public for the first time, generally with a full, pleated silhouette and a high waist.

Coming from centuries of long dresses, some people were shocked by the sight of human women's legs - several municipalities tried to ban shorts for women. (Read more about that at NPR)

This wasn't the first time legs were on display - short swimsuits had been around since at least 1910 - but the setting made a difference.

You might have seen the above photo online - it's often captioned as "Women cause car wreck by wearing shorts," but let's get real, it's pretty obviously staged*. Newspapers loved shock then as much as they do now! 

1930s shorts panic is a great reminder that in summer or any time, everybody should wear whatever the heck they want. Let's celebrate feeling comfortable with our bodies and dressing as we please!**

Do you think this cute 1930s shorts style should make a comeback?

* Not to mention, if that really was a car wreck, it would be better captioned "Careless driver crashes car ogling some women who were minding their own business."
** And looking the other way instead of judging others!

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