Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dressmaker's Essentials

Sewing isn't just about the fun, flashy fabrics. Sometimes you need plainer fabrics to help support your stars, especially with formal and bridal sewing. We've put together a group of essential dressmaking fabrics to share with you. They may not be the most exciting on their own, but they'll lend an invaluable hand to your sewing!

(We've photographed most of these over blue paper to better show the texture.)

First up, a soft, draping, sheer white net. This is a gorgeous alternative to traditional bridal veiling. It would also give soft support as a petticoat under formal dresses.

This soft cotton bobbinette is a rich creamy ivory color and another perfect veiling material. It would also be a gorgeous base for traditional embroidery to give a needlepoint lace effect.

Our new cotton organdy is semi-sheer and paper-crisp. Use it for rustling petticoat ruffles and interfacing hems on silk.

Our new nylon crinoline is super sheer and so stiff you could practically build a ship with it! Use for supporting the fullest ballgown skirts and the heaviest bridal satin.

Horsehair braid in various widths is a crisp hem essential. When you need a structured edge, horsehair braid is the answer. The wider widths have a small cord woven in; to shape the braid around a curved hem, simply pull the cord to draw in one edge!

This soft dotted netting is another lovely alternative to traditional tulle veiling.

The dotted net is also available in black!

Don't overlook these dressmaking essentials. Treadle Yard Goods has you covered!

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