Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Treadlette Tuesday: Get To Know Us

Mary Daley, longtime owner of Treadle Yard Goods, is a familiar face to many! She is an immensely creative person and makes beautiful garments fearlessly.

Mary started sewing in 7th grade. "The class was dreadful, the teacher couldn’t have been less enthusiastic, and it’s a wonder that in spite of those obstacles, I continued to sew. Somehow a spark was ignited."

Her love of sewing led her to open a fashion fabric store. "I founded Treadle along with my dear, late husband Paul in April, 1976." You can read more about Treadle's origins at our about page.

A favorite fabric? "I love to sew with wool. The fabric is so malleable, easy to steam into shape and create just the right amount of drape or ease where ever it is needed. Plus, it looks gorgeous, comes in a variety of weights and is a dream to wear. I do enjoy constructing a well tailored garment and wool is really ideal for that purpose.

"My least favorite technique is making buttonholes. They are almost always the last item on the garment and if one of them goes awry, it can make you cry!"

I asked Mary what she'd been sewing recently. "I have been going through my rather extensive fabric stash and rediscovering beautiful fabrics that now need to be made into three dimensional wearable garments. I think that what has kept me sewing all these years is the ability to take a flat piece of fabric, imagine a finished garment and with my own two hands turn it into something beautiful to wear. What a wonderful and satisfying feeling!"

Since Mary sold the business last year, she's been slowly stepping back from Treadle. "Following my recent spine surgery, I find it is finally time for me to hang up my spurs."


  1. Mary, hope you're doing well - you look wonderful. Miss seeing you.

  2. Thank you, Cheri, I am moving along well in the recovery process. I do miss all my wonderful friends and colleagues at Treadle. I will just have to drop in for visits to get my Treadle "fix."

  3. Mary, hope your recovery continues to go well. I really miss Treadle - no place quite like it. Got to visit when I was in town in late July.
    Take care,
    Alice Murray

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