Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Treadlette Tuesday: Get To Know Us

This week's Treadlette is Ardus!

Ardus started sewing when she was about age 13 on "an old Singer that only sewed straight, with no back stitch." Wow! That's proof you don't need the fanciest machine to sew well.

She's been at Treadle quite a while. "I started Treadle in 1989...! Oh my - that's 27 years!!!"

I asked Ardus what she likes to sew. "Clothing for myself, though I loved sewing for my daughter when she was a baby, then a toddler, and in grade school; I also enjoy some home dec projects.

"My favorite fabrics are linen and wool but I will also sew with cotton and silk. I prefer woven fabric but will sew with knit if I like a pattern that requires it.

"I am currently sewing a Marcy Tilton knit dress (Vogue 8975). It's incredibly convoluted. VERY unusual pattern pieces!"

Ardus is often spotted wearing garments she has made, particularly pants and blouses with a casual, comfy fit that still looks refined. One favorite she has sewn repeatedly: "Linen pants from Sewing Workshop patterns."

Other favorite projects of all time? "A silk dupioni suit with a Laura Murray kimono fabric piece sewn onto jacket back. Also, years ago, a short wool, lined jacket cut and sewn from a men's wool coat that had not been worn much. Many others that I have long forgotten, worn out or given away!"

Her advice for sewing? "Be inspired!" Thank goodness there is so much inspiration to be found at Treadle!

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