Saturday, December 13, 2014

Silk and Rayon Velvet

We have some mouthwatering new velvet colors in the store. This is not your ordinary scratchy, heavy, synthetic upholstery velvet. This luscious apparel velvet is made from drapey rayon and pure silk, with an irresistibly soft touch.

Wrap yourself in luxury with a velvet dress or coat. Or combine velvet with other fabrics, such as wool or satin, for a rich textural blend.

Come and see these velvets and more in person! We have everything you need for high-quality apparel sewing.


  1. Hello
    on this blok I se some lovely velvet, I need a silk velvet ( gold) for a theater production in Norway. around 13 meter. I like number 5 from the top at this site/blok. is it in stock, what price and can you sendt it to Norway.
    best regards
    hanne Lyngbye
    hesd of costumedepartment
    Kilden theater og koncerthouse

    1. Hanne, most of these fabrics are no longer available as this post was from several years ago.

      Please call the store for up-to-date information! 651-698-9690. You could also email us at