Monday, December 1, 2014

Gorgeous New Silks

We have some amazing new printed silks in the store. First a few sheer, transparent silks. Line these with a complementary color to add opacity, or use them as they are for layering pieces or scarves.

Check out these satin "burnout" sheers. The floral design is done in an opaque satin weave on a ground of sheer silk chiffon.

Even more luscious, here are a few pieces of printed silk charmeuse. Charmeuse is the slippery, drippy satin that dreams are made of, with the buttery touch you can't resist stroking.

Use charmeuse for soft blouses you can layer under a cardigan, sleek party dresses, or irresistible scarves.

Finally we have this shimmery, glittery silk knit jersey. All the smooth softness of silk and the easy fitting of a knit.

Don't you need something new to wear the next time you dress up? Start now and you'll be ready for those holiday parties!

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  1. Treadle, I miss you! I can imagine being in the store right now and fingering those new silks!