Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Fun Fact: clip and notch your curves

You've probably read pattern directions telling you to clip and notch curves. Let's dig a little deeper into that!

Most pattern directions will tell you to clip inside curves: For a curved edge that's concave, make little snips with the tip of your scissor.

You're NOT removing any fabric, just snipping! This is necessary to help the seam allowance release - otherwise you'd never be able to get the curve flat.

Press that edge smooth with an iron and steam for a lovely inside curve that lays down flat!

Curves that bend outward get a different treatment. Always notch outside curves: For a convex (outside) curve, snip narrow triangles at the seam allowance, removing little bits of fabric to reduce bulk.

This gives the seam allowances space to nestle together without making any bulky overlap.

 Another approach to outside curves is to trim the entire seam allowance to 1/8".  This reduces bulk with less fuss and can create smoother edges.

Turn your piece to the right side and press for a lovely, lump-free finish!

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