Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Fun Fact: How to choose a needle

Wonder how to choose the right sewing machine needles?

First choose your needle TYPE based on your fabric type; woven, knit, silk, denim, leather, etc. Universal needles work for most fabrics. Stretch needles help prevent skipped stitches on knits. Denim needles easily pierce multiple thick layers. Quilting needles are made to sew through layers of fabric and batting.

Next, choose your needle SIZE based on your fabric weight; a smaller number for finer fabrics and a larger number for heavier fabrics. Don't worry about the two numbers - they're just two different systems that mean the same thing. Here are some common fabric types with the recommended needle size:

70/10 lawn, batiste, rayon challis
80/12 broadcloth, muslin, light linen
90/14 linen, wool, suitings, light twill
100/16 heavy twill, denim

The standard size shank on our Schmetz needles will fit into nearly every machine. You shouldn't need to worry about the make or model of your machine when selecting needles. 

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