Monday, December 14, 2020

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

 These are the first lyrics from My Favorite Things, a lovely song from the Sound of Music.

Here at Treadle we are focusing on simple pleasures this year.

One of our simple pleasures is finding sewing notions, tools, and fabrics we love and sharing them with you. In the last few days before Christmas, we will be sharing one of our favorite things every day with a special price for that day. Quantities are limited. 
For those of you who would like your goodies shipped, shipping will be a flat rate of $9.75. We can hold and keep adding to your holiday package and ship when all is over - just let us know.
Gift yourself or someone else!
Our Favorite Day 1 
Wool Pressing Mats 

15% off!

12 x 12
regular price $21.00
NOW $17.85

12 x 18
regular price $27.50
NOW $23.38

These pressing mats are a great way to have a small pressing surface right next to your sewing machine. So convenient whether you are like to quilt, sew garments, or both.
The mats are from the same company that brings us the beautiful Merino wool - rayon blend felt squares that many of you know and love for your projects. 

And for your day brightener, here is the link to Julie Andrews singing My Favorite Things:

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