Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Treadlette Tuesday: Rebecca's Snowpeople Quilt plus Tutorial!

Treadlette Rebecca pieced this adorable quilt top, and sent us instructions too!

How to make your own Snowpeople quilt top with sashing!

This is cut with rotary method and 1/4” seams are included.

Materials needed:
Lightest fabric - 1/4 yard
Light fabric- 1/8 yard
Medium fabric 1/4 yard
Dark fabric 1/2 yard  (this color is also used for the outer border, if you want a different color for the outer border you need 1/3 of a yard, and then can reduce this amount to 1/4 yard)
Inner border 1/2 yard
One snow people panel

Cutting for pieced sashing:
Lightest fabric cut one strip of each width: 3”, 2 1/2", & 2”
Light fabric cut one of each width: 2” & 2 1/2”
Medium fabric cut one of each width: 2” & 3”
Dark fabric cut one of each width: 1 3/4” & 3”
Cut the snow people panel apart along the vertical lines so that you have eight separate pieces with two snow people in each, now cut two of these in half so that you have four separate snow people.


Seam 3 strips consisting of 2 of the panels with 2 snowpeople and one panel with one snow person.

For the pieced sashing:
Stitch the strips together, alternating colors and varying the widths. It’s easiest in the next step to have two sets of the stripe unit- for example, piece from lightest to dark so that you have four rows of various widths. Press seams to one side.
Now take one of these strip units and cut 5” wide strips. Your new unit should look like little books stacked on top of each other. Seam these units together along the long edge so that you have two sections of approximately 62-65 inches long.

Inner border:
Cut 5 3” strips. Cut two of these in half along the fold. Seam one long and one short strip together along the short end.

Outer border:
Cut 3 4 1/4” strips, cut one in half along the fold, stitch one long and one short section together.

Assemble the quilt:
Stitch an inner border to each side of the snow people section. Stitch a pieced border between the snowpeople sections. I stitch from top to bottom of each seam, and trim off excess at the bottom as I go - I also played around with my pieced sections by taking out a few of the dark pieces and adding some of the inner border fabric to that area so that my inner borders have more variety - using the inner border fabric there is a nice way to blend the sections. Stitch the outer border to each side of the quilt.

Finished! Send it to Nanette Sutherland for lovely long arm quilting to finish!

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