Monday, June 5, 2017

Classes In Depth: Historic Sewing Workshop

Hey Treadle Friends, Elizabeth here! As you may know, I am seriously into historic sewing. I have been making historic garments for over 20 years, ever since I went to my first Victorian Ball. I was hooked!

Over the years, I have learned a lot about historic techniques, accuracy, and different eras. A few years ago I translated that experience into a class.

Historic Sewing Workshop is a 5-session class that meets every other week, giving you plenty of time to do your sewing "homework" in between.

Treadle student Riki in her robe a la francaise

My personal experience ranges from about 1550 to 1880, but the class covers anything up to 1950, so vintage style projects are welcome. We'll cover corset-making for various eras, proper underwear and foundations, how to re-create a fashion plate or portrait, and so much more.

Treadle student Anne-Marie with her husband Dan at Versailles

This class is open to the garment and era of your choice; you pick your own project, your own pace, and your own level of accuracy. Whether you want to hand-sew everything, or you'd rather machine-sew and take some shortcuts, we'll make a plan for whatever suits your needs.

Treadle student Marty in her 18th century ensemble
To sign up for any of our classes, call us at (651)698-9690 or simply stop by!

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  1. oh my god I need this in my life.

  2. Elizabeth, I'm wondering if there is a way I might communicate with you as I have some questions about making a Victoria Christmas Caroling dress.

  3. Wow, these photos---and clothes---are wonderful!I'm happy you are providing this class. I don't think anyone else in the Twin Cities is teaching this sort of thing.

  4. Is it possible to sign up if we can't make every class? This looks SO amazing, but Friday nights are tough. :(

    1. Unfortunately the summer 2019 session has been canceled, but if you decide to sign up for a future session it should be fine to miss an evening or two!