Friday, May 20, 2016

New Silk Fabrics

We have loads of new silks in the store! Whether you're attending a summer wedding or graduation or just want to make something pretty to wear to dinner, silk is the ultimate in dressy and there's a look for everyone's style.

These silk charmeuse prints are a delicious eye candy treat!  Liquid smooth satin with lustrous colors and tons of drape.

This vibrant crepe makes a serious impact!

Tone on tone embroidery gives a subtle texture to this silk satin.

This crisp patterned jacquard in a floral stripe is rich and formal, with deep colors and lots of body.

Finally we have these iridescent shot silk chiffons. Light as air with subtly shifting colors, these make fabulous floaty layers in dresses and skirts, or make a sheer jacket to layer with a strappy top.

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