Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bridal Lace

At Treadle Yard Goods, we have a large and ever-changing selection of fine bridal fabrics, including luscious lace you won't find anywhere else, from delicate, frothy Chantilly lace to heavily beaded and embroidered Alencon.

Here of a few of our newest lace fabrics. Each of these beautiful laces was photographed over a champagne-colored silk satin background in order to show the details.

This delicate lace has large motifs outlined in very fine cord on an embroidered net ground.

This light-as-air net lace has a beautiful allover pattern.

Rich embroidery, beading, and corded edges make this ivory floral lace stand out.

This corded, embroidered, and sequined lace can be used as it is, or the floral cluster motifs can easily be snipped apart to be re-appliqued where desired.

This guipure lace has flowing paisley motifs and an elegant edging.

Swirls of narrow organza ribbon appliqued to a net surface make this lace light as a cloud.

Finally, this Chantilly lace has long, organic motifs and a delicate scalloped edge that combine for a not-too-floral look.

We also have a wonderful selection of lace edgings and trims. We'll be sharing some of those on this blog later in the week, so stay tuned!

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