Monday, October 27, 2014

New Balance Activewear Fabrics

Knit fabrics are becoming more popular all the time, and now we have a group of New Balance knits designed just for activewear. 

Sew up some bright, unique running gear or make the perfect leggings for a yoga class. These fabrics have all-way stretch so you can move your body unfettered. Made from recycled polyester and lycra, they won't get heavy or sag no matter how much you sweat.


  1. Do you have these available for sale online somewhere? I have this fabric in one color and I am desperately trying to track down more of it in either the same or different colors.

    1. Thanks for your interest! We don't offer online sales, but we're happy to do a mail order and swatch service. Just give us a call at 651-698-9690.

  2. I’ve heard some people at my gym talk about the knit fabric activewear as well. Would definitely like to try these out as they do seem like an appropriate fabric for leggings. I also tried out the ALO yoga set last month and loved the comfort and quality of the product. Will surely be purchasing it again in the future.