Monday, May 5, 2014

Double-Sided Fabrics

We have a beautiful selection of amazing new double-sided fabrics in the store! From airy double gauze and soft, drapey jersey to bright, heavy denim, there is a double-sided fabric for every garment!

Why double-sided? Doubling gives a lightweight fabric better drape and opacity, and seeing a peek of the contrasting or coordinating side can liven up a garment. Double-sided fabrics are ideal for unlined garments and designs with turn-back edges like cuffs and cowls. Or try sewing your seams the "wrong" way out for a piping effect!

These plaids are a treat for the eyes! Fresh, springy colors and two patterns for the price of one, since these cotton double gauze fabrics have a different pattern on each side.

 Next we have a group of soft double jersey. The colors contrast boldly, and the fabric drapes fluidly. Perfect for soft, easy-to-wear dresses and tops.

We also have double-sided denim! Give denim jackets, pants, and bags an update with an unexpected dash of color.

There are even more double-sided fabrics in our store! Stop by Treadle to check 'em out!


  1. Hi! I have been searching for a double sided jersey to make a reversible dress. Is the fabric you have above one colour on one side of the fabric and another on the opposite side? If so, I have been searching the world for this! Please let me know as soon as possible as I am seeking it urgently!

    Many thanks,

  2. Looking for.double sided pul fabric