Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elegant grays

We all love a bright pop of color, but sometimes something a little quieter is required. The beauty of an elegant grayscale is far more subtle, but there are definitely times when you want a stash of gray in your wardrobe; either as a backdrop for brighter pieces or for a subdued, classic statement all on its own.

We have a lovely assortment of new knits in the store in classic grays, including sequined, hounds-tooth, stripes, brocade, and more.


  1. LOVE to use grey as a backdrop for brighter colors. And it's much more flattering to my complexion (Standard Scandinavian Pale) than black is most of the time. The sequined fabric is gorgeous -- I *wish* I had an excuse to get/use some!

    1. The sequined fabric is subtle enough for your regular wardrobe and surprisingly affordable - even just a sleeveless shell would make a lovely piece to blend with a jacket and skirt.

  2. Laurie, you don't need an excuse! Love it and wear it! I see that fabric as a pencil skirt with a gorgeous cashmere sweater in a color you love and some boots!