Monday, February 25, 2013

Skull Prints

We have some beautiful yet quirky new prints in from Alexander Henry's Folklorico collection, inspired by traditional Mexican folk art.

The skulls are definitely the defining feature, but there's a lot more in these prints.  The flowers and foliage, the dots and splashes of color all add a dazzling brightness and energy.  The level of detail on the clothing and scenes in the figures below has to be seen in real life to be really appreciated.

We have a lot more new exciting stuff in the store!  Keep your eyes on the blog for the first look at more goodies.


  1. Dangit! I should know better than to troll your blog. *sigh* I don't actually NEED any more fabric, but I can hear those little skellys calling from HERE....

    1. I believe we could describe "need" as a relative term. :)