Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vintage Buttons

At Treadle, our large selection of unique buttons has made us a destination for knitters and sewists alike.  But did you know Treadle also carries a selection of vintage buttons?

 These amazing, one-of-a-kind buttons are supplied to us by a local woman, an avid button collector, whose beautiful sorting and presentation are almost as delightful as the buttons themselves.  Here are a few of my current favorites.

Each set is displayed on a brightly colored card with printed borders, and the date, material, and any historical information are neatly written beneath.  Our selection includes glass, ceramic, Bakelite, steel, enamel, mother-of-pearl, and many other materials.

With buttons this unique, it’s easy for the button to become the starting point to design the garment.  Many people have also told us they have simply left the buttons on their cards and framed them as wall art.

The selection is refreshed regularly, so there is always something different!

You probably haven't have seen these buttons on display at Treadle – that’s because we keep them under the counter.  Any time you’d like to browse,  just ask!  We’ll be happy to bring them out for you.

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