Saturday, May 19, 2012

printed double gauze

I was immediately charmed by this new group of fabrics, whimsical printed cotton double gauze.  The fabric is two layers of light cotton gauze which are "woven" together with tiny, barely visible stitches.  Since it's doubled, you get all the cool drape of gauze with more opacity for garments you won't need to layer.

We have several prints in this lovely, light fabric.  Here are a few of my favorites, all border prints.

I believe this print depicts goats playing saxophones?

Deer with hearts on them, trees, rainbow-striped hills, and lampposts.  Did I mention it was whimsical?

The deer print in black.

Each of these border prints has a scatter pattern of dots and stars over the main part of the fabric, and a smaller, coordinating border on the opposite end.  The border print makes these perfect for a full skirt or dress, or even a tunic or swingy blouse.


  1. How do i get some of this fabric! ?!?

    1. Sorry, this fabric is from 2012 and has all been sold. Check some of our newer blog entries for more current stock!