Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review Corner

It's time for Book Review Corner again, here on the Treadle Blog.
Today's installment centers around the new book from Elizabeth Hartman, of Oh Frannson!, The Practical Guide to Patchwork.
Ms. Hartman is a very prolific quilter and designer, and this book has lots to offer quilters of all stages.
The instructions begin with the basics, how to sandwich a quilt, what kind of stitching to use while quilting, basic color theory, etc.
Personally, I am quite a novice quilter. I have made them, but my interest lies primarily in fashion sewing.
I was introduced to all sorts of interesting things through this book. These binding clips, which look like hair clips (but will snag your curly locks so beware) are an innovation that was new to me.

Also, adding this tiny flap before binding makes a quilt easy to hang on a wall. Genius.
Now to the designs - These quilts are clean, modern and range in difficulty from Beginner, through Confident Beginner to Intermediate.
The best part of the designs is this: for every design, she shows her blocks in two more permutations, so you could take the quilt in your own direction either with color, or shape of pieces.

It's so exciting when a designer will hand the reins over, and encourage you to use your own design sensibilities.

While we're discussion quilting, I wanted to call your attention to our Beginning Quilting class coming up in March.
Come join Melissa as she guides you through the basics of quilt-making from choosing fabrics to assembly and and binding.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I could use a book like this to refer to for great tips! Thanks for sharing.