Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Treadlette Tuesday: Get To Know Us

Today's Treadlette is Michelle (that's two-Ls-Michelle, not to be confused with our other Michele!)

Michelle has been at Treadle for about 4 years, making her one of our newest Treadlettes! Like many of us, she started sewing in Home Ec in the 8th grade. "My Home Ec teacher used her brassiere as a pincushion (when she didn't have the pins in her mouth). In her class we made a drawstring gym bag and then I made a 'hot-pant' suit out of tie-dyed denim! I was hooked!"

(Am I the only one who wishes Michelle would have shared a picture of that tie-dyed hot pant suit?)

She kept sewing for years, learning on her own. "I made prom dresses, shirts, skirts etc. when I wanted something new to wear."

Michelle loves sewing detailed clothing for children. "I prefer to sew with natural fibers but I'm branching-out and learning new techniques with other fabrics.

"One of my favorite projects is a smocked pinafore made using a dotted Swiss cotton I purchased at Treadle. This garment went on to win a prize at the Minnesota State Fair."

Here's one of Michelle's latest smocked creations. Her detailed handwork is just breathtaking!

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