Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Treadlette Tuesday: Get To Know Us

We still haven't completely finished our Get To Know Us series; there are a lot of us Treadlettes! Today Sherry is giving us a look into her sewing story.

"I started hand-sewing at my grandma's knee when I was about three, making clothes for my teddy bear. Grandma was infinitely patient with my early attempts. Machine-sewing came later, when I was about twelve. My mom was a fabulous sewist and made all three of her daughters' clothes through our childhood and high school (this was back before cheap imported clothing was available, so sewing in those days was a way to save money). She was also a perfectionist, so I didn't really sew a lot until I went to college and could stretch out on my own and experiment. Mom was a classic tailor; I was more a 'guerrilla sewist,' at least in my early years.

"I've been shopping at Treadle for decades but started working here about 10 years ago. One day I was shopping in the store and Roberta mentioned she needed someone for Wednesday evening shifts. She asked if I'd like to do it; I said yes. It was the shortest job interview I've ever had.

"I sew most of my clothes---I'm short and full-figured, and nothing really fits except what I make for myself. I especially love historic costuming and making baby quilts (I've probably made close to a hundred over the last thirty years, for babies, and now grandbabies, of my friends and relatives).

"I play music at many historic sites in the region with my band Dunquin and I make period-appropriate clothing in Regency, Civil War, and other eras, for myself and my band. After many years, it feels like clothing and not costumes to dress the part, and it's very satisfying to be someone else for a weekend.

"My favorite project is often my latest project. I finished a baby quilt in bright, tropical colors a few weeks ago, using the brilliant batiks in the Treadle's collection, and it's one of the most fun things I've made.

"To all sewists out there, especially beginners: Making your own clothes and other creative projects is fun, satisfying , and gives you a great sense of accomplishment, especially knowing nobody else is ever going to have your unique garment or fashion sense! Even if it's a bit daunting at first, it gets easier and more fun the more you sew. And you're in the great Sisterhood of Sewists, one of the best groups ever!"

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