Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wool Suit

Right now at Treadle, we are fortunate to be displaying this beautiful tailored ensemble made by Paula DeGrand.

Paula is a longtime customer at Treadle, and her suit is currently featured in the Reader's Closet section of Threads magazine.

 We at Treadle were all impressed with her fine construction techniques, such as bound buttonholes, and her fun choice of lining that adds a bright pop to the interior.

Paula used this smart vintage pattern for her jacket.

Vintage patterns are unique and often beautiful, but can be challenging to work with due to non-standard techniques or lack of instructions.  One way to inject a little vintage flair into your sewing without relying completely on an authentic vintage pattern is to borrow details from one and use them on a modern pattern.  A lapel shape, pockets, peplums, or seam placement can be drafted into your modern pattern.  

This pleat detail from Paula's jacket is a perfect example.  Though she used the pattern almost entirely as-is, it would be easy to copy just this single detail onto a modern jacket.

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  1. Elizabeth and the entire Treadle staff,
    What an honor to have my suit at Treadle and for it to be the subject of a blog post!
    This suit would never have become a reality without the supplies, instruction, and ongoing encouragement I've gotten from all of you at Treadle for 20+ years.
    Thank you!