Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lotta Jansdotter

 We just got this new collection of fabrics from artist and designer Lotta Jansdotter.

Born in Sweden and currently living and working in New York, Lotta's style is clean, fresh, and modern, with her Scandinavian roots and her background in printmaking evident in the bold shapes and lines of her designs.

Each of these prints uses only a single color, or sometimes two, combined with a judicious use of white that places emphasis on both the bright hue and the negative space.

The limited palette is striking; the aesthetic both whimsical and spare. 

These little birds are only about 1/2" in size.  When viewed from a distance, they blend into an allover effect of tiny dots and lines of color.

The use of neutral grey softens the brights, allowing them to harmonize more easily with the white.

The fabrics are all mid-weight cotton, suitable for simple garments, quilts, and crafts.  Any of them would be equally effective as a bold, modern dress or a couple of simple throw pillows.

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