Saturday, August 26, 2017

Classes In Depth: Make it Sew

In the store we're often asked about sewing machine issues. We meet folks who may have been sewing for years and still wonder how to properly adjust tension, how to do basic troubleshooting, and why machines sometimes act up.

If you love to sew - except when your machine is acting up! - or you're new to using a machine, the Make It Sew class is for you!

You'll bring your machine and spend a few hours with Michele making adjustments and fine-tuning your stitches. Ask all your burning machine questions - such as why your machine sometimes jams up, spits out wads of tangled thread, or skips stitches.

Learn sewing machine troubleshooting, basic maintenance, and how to get the most from your sewing machine.Top and bottom tension issues, needle choices, and stitch configuration will be among the issues addressed.

This class meets Thursday 6:00 – 9:00 September 7
Skill Level: All
Fee: $35
Instructor: Michele Hoaglund

Sign up in advance, space is limited! Call us at (651) 698-9690 or just stop by the store.

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