Friday, January 17, 2014

New Hand Sewing Book!

We have a wonderful new book at Treadle, all about hand sewing!

At first glance, this looks like just another embroidery book, but it's so much more. Stitches for tailoring and fine garment sewing are covered, alongside stitches for knitting, mending, quilting, and more!

The book's table of contents is separated into "functional" and "decorative" sections. The functional stitches range from hand gathering and seaming to pad-stitching and blind hems, while the decorative stitches cover dozens of beautiful embroidery and embellishment designs. 

 This book would be a wonderful companion to either of the Hand Sewing Classes at Treadle, or used on your own.

Learn what you can do with every craftsperson's best tools: your own two hands!

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