Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cotton Skirts

This hot (if fleeting) spring weather is getting everyone excited for summer sewing, and for so many of us, that means skirts!  We're ready to leave the leggings and layers off and enjoy comfortable, cool cotton.  These two skirts Mary has made are just the thing!

Made of mid-weight printed cotton, this fabric is often known as "broadcloth," "sheeting," "poplin," or just "quilting cotton."  It's simply a plain-weave, crisp, smooth cotton, and as you can see, it's definitely not just for quilting.  The smooth surface of plain, stable cotton is ideal for printing, which is why we see such a vast array of beautiful designs on this fabric.

Skirts are quick to make, easy to wear, and when made in a bold print, make a great impact in an ensemble. Take advantage of the crisp hand of this type of cotton by choosing full, A-line, or flared styles.  The firm fabric will stand away from the body at the hem for great fullness and shape.

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